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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow parents to come with their children?

Absolutely! We welcome parents to travel with their children.


Do you allow adults?

Yes, we do. But if you are an adult then we do not allow children (except yours) to be here at the same time. Our booking system does not handle this. Contact us and we will help select the dates you want.


Do you allow adults and children at the same time?

Only if they are related. We do not accept adults and children to be here at the same time. Our booking system does not handle this. Contact us and we will help select the dates you want.


What should I bring?

Rooms at our villa are furnished and fully equipped. Towels and sheets are provided by us and replaced regularly. We will provide toilet paper, as well as some “toiletries” such as toothpaste, body soap/shower gel, shampoo etc. Toilet paper should not be removed from the bathroom for cosmetic use. Local grocery stores such as MasYMas offer a wide choice of good, inexpensive bath products and cosmetics. Used toilet paper should be disposed of in the toilet (not in the trash bin) while feminine sanitary/hygienic products and cotton wool should be disposed of in the bathroom trash bin (not in the toilet). 


Do I need to bring something for my host family?

A small gift from your country may help to ‘break the ice’ upon your arrival and would be very much appreciated by the host family. However it is not a necessity or something that you feel obliged to do.


Can I use the bathroom anytime I want?

You are sharing a bathroom with other members of the family, please ask to find out when is the best time to have a shower and for how long. Please do not take long showers or baths at it uses a lot of hot water.


Is laundry service provided?

No, it is your responsibility to do your own laundry.


Can I do my laundry in the homestay, and when?

Yes, laundry facilities are included in the home. Please ask about the laundry arrangements.


How can I iron my clothes?

Ask us to show you where the iron is kept and how to use it.


Do you provide a maid service?

No. We do not have a maid service. It is your responsibility to keep your room tidy. You should also clean up after yourself, especially if you have been using the kitchen. However, you are not expected to do ‘housework’. It is polite and is often appreciated if offer to help a little with small chores i.e. offer to help clear the table after dinner. However, you are not required to do home chores such as baby-sitting, gardening, house cleaning etc.


I have allergies that may affect me during my stay, what do I need to do?

Be sure to let us know when booking, so we can notify the host family. However, please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not affected by the food and environment in the homestay. Neither our agency or the host family can accept any responsibility for any harm or injury caused by allergic reactions.


Am I allowed to use the internet?

If you do not have your own laptop we have a tablet that you may use. Please respect their private documents and files and do not spend too long as others in the house may also need to use it. While we will endeavour to resolve the situation as best we can, we are not liable for any lack of internet connectivity at our villa. If it is crucial you have internet access at all time, we recommend you purchase a USB dongle, available from most mobile phone shops.


Can I keep the lights or TV when I am outside of the room?

Electricity is expensive in Spain and you should respect the usual house rules on energy conservation. Please don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Turn off the TV or radio when you are not using them.


Can I play music or watch TV in my room?

Yes, although if you wish to play music, or if you are watching TV, please keep the volume low and respect anyone's need for quiet, both at bed-time and possibly at other times during the day.


What access do I have to the rest of the house?

We have a private study room, which you may use for quiet study. Bedrooms are always private. Students/guests must never enter the bedrooms of their host family. Please note you cannot use any other room in the house to store your belongings, unless in special circumstances where the host family has granted permission.


What if I want to stay out late?

If you are over 18 and planning to return home late, please advise us in advance so that we do not worry.


Am I allowed to bring my own pets?

No, your pets are not allowed in the homestay. We have a standard poodle that is Charlena's service/assistance animal. Her health can not be put at risk and so we must refuse any further animals on the property.


Is there a curfew while staying in a homestay?

Students aged 16 – 18 will be asked to be home before 10pm. Students under 16 years old will not be permitted out in the evenings unless accompanied by a member of the host family. If you are over 18, you are considered an adult and there will not be a curfew. If you are returning to the villa late at night, you should be considerate of other people in the house and enter quietly. You should try to avoid activities that may wake other members of the family i.e. cooking, playing music etc.


What happens if I get sick while staying in a homestay?

Homestay hosts are not usually medically trained and are not able to assist or advise you on your health. However, they should have a good knowledge of the local area and can assist you in finding a local doctor or hospital.


Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend that you take out personal insurance to cover all aspects of your stay, and that you obtain a European Health Insurance Card. Visitors to Spain must, by law, carry health insurance. Students 18 years and under must also bring an authorisation for hospital surgery in case of emergency signed by their parents. We cannot be made liable for any costs incurred due to cancellation, illness, injury or loss/damage of possessions.


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